42 Annvale Road
BT60 2SA
Anthony: +44 7999 148 862
Jim (ROI): 0872 346 625
Jim: 00353 872 346 625

Why sell to us?

At J. Shortt recycling you are always guaranteed the very best price on any of your scrap metal, with prices that are updated daily to stay ahead of the competition.

Who do we buy from?

As long as you have scrap metal, we will buy from you. We buy from a number of sources that include; the general public, government organisations, local businesses, engineering factories and construction contractors.

What do we buy?

We are always interested in any scrap metal that our customers have to offer. We specialise in the recycling of a wide range of materials which include; old farm machinery, corrugated tin, plant, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, lead, brass, catalytic converters, lorries and cars. We also have a number of skips of various size available for hire. This service comes with free delivery and collection of multi-lift bins from your yard, farm or factory.